The Carpet from the Past

Leonid Tishkov. The Carpet of the Past, 2015 and In The Fild of My Father, 2006
installation in Victory of the New Epos exhibition in Academy of Fine Arts, Moscow


Look Homeward and Private Moon in Nizhny Tagil

Leonid Tishkov Look Homeward exhibition in NizhnyTagil Museum Fine Arts from 16th May until 19th July 


Influence: Contemporary Painting

KomMissia 2015 - XIV Festival drawn stories (graphic novels, comics, manga) in Moscow.
It is 
held annually since 2002. KomMissia is the main event of the comic book industry in Russia.
An exhibition of works by Leonid Tishkov, Goshi Ostretsov and other artists"Influence: Contemporary Painting" opens during the Festival of animated stories"KomMissia-2015" on 1st of May .


The art of making voter

Leonid Tishkov. Dabloid's room. The second round. Installation. 1996. Art Museum of Gotland, Sweden
Museum of Soviet Naive presents the exhibition "The Art of making voter" in April, 16.
More about the exhibition artinsider.ru


Journey of the Private Moon in the Ural

Video about artist Leonid Tishkov's project Journey of the Private Moon in the Ural, 
winter 2015, before the exhibition "Look Homeward" at Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Art, 
26 february - 3 May, 2015. Ekaterinburg, Vainer str. 11
Camera by Katia Frolenko


To see the invisible

The Artist's tour for blind people of Leonid Tishkov's exhibition "Look Homeward" at
Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Art. Camera by Katia Frolenko,


Private Moon. Star. Divers

Private Moon installation in "Look Homeward" exhibition in Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Art